What are the schools for a particular address?
Check our online school locator and attendance area maps to find your assigned attendance area school.

When will I learn the location of my student’s bus stop?
Bus information postcards are mailed out to enrolled student households the last week in August.

Is my student eligible for bus transportation?

  • Elementary students who live 0.8 mile or more from school are eligible for transportation.
  • Secondary students who live 1.0 mile or more from school are eligible for transportation.
  • Check the transportation eligibility for a particular address here.

For more information, see School Board Policy 707.

How do I find out about late buses?
Use MyOsseoBus to see the on-time or delayed status of your student's bus.

The bus drives right by my house. Why can’t it stop at my house?
It’s safer and more economical for buses to stop at the most centrally located corner within a neighborhood. 

I operate a home day care and need the bus to stop there because the state requires me to see the children at all times.  Can this be set up?
No. All regular education bus stops are located at centrally located corners. Daycare providers and/or parent/guardians are responsible for ensuring that students arrive safely at their assigned bus stop.

Can my student be dropped off at a different daycare address or a friend’s bus stop on any given day?
For safety reasons, students must be dropped off at their assigned bus stop every day; alternate drop-off locations are not allowed. Our buses are routed for more than 6,000 bus stops every day, and consistent drop-off locations leave less room for confusion by either the student or the driver.

What time should my student arrive at the bus stop?
Students should arrive at their assigned bus stop no less than five (5) minutes prior to their scheduled bus stop time. Drivers make every effort to run their routes on time. However, unforeseen circumstances can cause a bus to run late.  Therefore, students should always remain at their assigned stop five (5) minutes beyond their scheduled pick-up time.  If the bus is more than five minutes late, students may return to their homes and have someone call the transportation department at 763.391.7244 to inquire about the status of their bus.

Please note that even when buses are delayed, students are still responsible for being at the bus stop in order to be transported to school. The MyOsseoBus bus status service will note known delays; if your student misses the delayed bus, you will be responsible for arranging for your student to get to school.  

Can the bus come back if my student misses the bus?
Unfortunately, buses cannot retrace routes to pick up students who missed their bus. Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that students who missed their bus are able to get to school.

What is good practice for students riding the bus for the first time?
We suggest the following for families of first-time bus riders:

  • Make sure your student knows how to get to the bus stop; how to identify the stop while riding the bus; and how to walk home from the stop.
  • Teach your child the bus number and where to find the number (next to the entrance door).
  • Encourage your first-time rider to talk with the bus driver about any questions your student might have.
  • For the first couple of weeks, have a friend or family member accompany your student to and from the bus stop until your student is familiar with the routine. 
  • If a younger student has an older sibling, we suggest that they accompany the younger sibling throughout the transportation process.
  • Dress your student properly for weather conditions.
  • Remind your children of the basic school bus rules: hands to oneself; seat on seat; quiet inside voices; and listen to the bus driver.
  • To avoid lost or missing child reports, remind your children to return home before going anywhere else after school. 

Will my student have an assigned seat on the bus?
Seats are normally assigned for elementary students. If necessary, drivers may assign seats on middle school or senior high school routes.

Can my student get a bus because of a certain medical condition, such as asthma, broken bones?
Some medical conditions may require an accommodation (a “504 plan”), which could make a student eligible for bus transportation. Contact the health specialist at your student’s school to inquire about eligibility for a 504 plan.

How do I let the school district know if my elementary student does or does not need transportation?
Complete this electronic form and transportation staff will update your student's transportation services.

What if a student loses or forgets something on a school bus?
Families may contact the bus company directly to inquire about lost and found items. Osseo Area Schools and the transportation provider are not responsible for lost and found items. However, they will make every effort to secure and return items lost on the bus. Please call the bus company directly at:

  • First Student: 763-533-0313
  • CSTMN: 612-808-8868
  • Transportation Plus: 763-592-6418


Transportation Office

Office Hours
School in Session
6am - 5pm
Non-Student Days
6am - 4:30pm

First Student
Office Hours
6am - 7pm


Transportation Plus

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To learn your student’s specific bus stop and bus number, please log into your ParentVUE account and choose “Transportation.”
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