Why is this test given?

The MAP/Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Achievement Level Tests are a series of achievement tests that systematically increase in difficulty from one to another. Level testing makes it possible to give each student a test appropriate to his or her achievement level and to measure growth over time. It also helps districts know whether instructional programs are working effectively.

What is tested?

The MAP/NWEA tests reading and math achievement.

Who takes this test?

All second through eighth grade students and selected students in special programs take this test in spring.

How do I read the results?

Students receive a RIT (Rasch unIT) score for each test taken. RIT scores are not percentiles, but an equal-interval score, like feet and inches. Like height, this data can be used to determine growth over time, progress toward a goal, or attainment of specific targets.

Understanding MAP/NWEA RIT Scores

MAP/NWEA Resource and Guide for Parents