Why is this test given?

For students who will graduate in 2014 or 2015, the GRAD tests in reading, math and written composition are one way to meet state requirements for graduation from a Minnesota high school. There are also other options for meeting graduation assessment requirements. Contact Teresa Zych at 763.391.7144 for information about those other options.

What is tested?

Students demonstrate their ability to:

  • read and comprehend English passages representative of widely-circulated material commonly encountered in adult life;
  • solve mathematical problems derived from situations commonly encountered in adult life; and
  • create, in English, a written composition.

Who takes this test?

Students were given their first GRAD tests for written composition in Grade 9 and reading in Grade 10. Math is given in Grade 11.

How do I read the results?

The reading and math GRADs have multiple-choice questions scored by computer. The passing score is 50 or higher on the GRAD retests. It is possible to also pass with a MCA score of 1050 for Reading or 1150 for Math. For the GRAD test of written composition, a score of three or above (out of 6) is required to pass.

More information about GRAD is available from the Minnesota Department of Education.

View current test results, adequate yearly progress, school report cards, and student demographic information on the Minnesota Department of Education website.