To provide an effective and inclusive educational experience for staff, families, and learners in an atmosphere where differences are accepted, valued, and supported by the larger education system and its community partners.

Program Beliefs

  1. All learners benefit from active involvement with disabled and non-disabled peers.

  2. Learners receiving special education services benefit from the opportunity to be educated with their neighborhood peers.

  3. Programming and services must be tailored to meet the individual needs of diverse learners receiving special education services.

  4. Learners receiving special education services should demonstrate measurable growth toward their individual goals.

  5. Each learner receiving special education services benefits from a system which promotes data driven, continuous program improvement.

  6. Fair consistent, and equitable access to resources and services benefits learners who receive special education services.

  7. Families, staff, learners, and the community must openly communicate and work in partnership to maximize the benefit of special education services.

  8. All staff and families need ongoing training to enhance knowledge and skills critical for the success of learners receiving special education services.


Kate Emmons

Jill Lesné
Assistant Director