Osseo Area Schools is seeking community member applicants for a new Enrollment and Capacity Management Advisory Committee. This advisory committee is a critical element of the planning and communication framework created by the Enrollment and Capacity Management Task Force in February 2016.

The Advisory Committee will analyze information affecting enrollment, capacity, and building use, and generate observations and recommendations to be used by district administration. 

The Advisory Committee will consist of community members and employees of the district.  To ensure that the Advisory Committee represents the diverse perspectives of the families and community members served by the school district, community members will be selected by an application process. 

District leaders anticipate that the number of applications will exceed the available positions on the Advisory Committee. Employee members of the advisory committee will be identified by district administration. The Committee Charge provides more details, including meeting dates/times.

Update May 24: The deadline for applications has passed. Members selected for the Advisory Committee will be named in June 2016.