The American Indian Education Parent Advisory Committee seeks to ensure that the school district is meeting the unique and culture-related academic needs of American Indian students.

The American Indian Education Parent Advisory Committee:

  • Oversees school programs developed by American Indian Education staff;
  • Approves application of all state and federal grants for the development and maintenance of such programs; 
  • Provides input on Indian Education curriculum and programs; and
  • Evaluates progress in meeting goals.

The American Indian Education Parent Advisory Committee is established in accordance with federal law. As a parent or guardian serving on this committee, you will provide guidance and insight into the cultural teachings provided to students.

Advisory Committee members

Chair:                Jennifer Simon, Cheyenne River
Vice Chair:        Jessica Travis, Standing Rock
Secretary:         Barbara Decker, Non-Native
Treasurer:         Arlene Fairbanks, Diné
Student Reps:  Amya Gourneau; Mariah Frazier; Devon Watkins


Meetings are open to ALL parents and students, and the public. Each meeting includes reports about elementary and secondary education and current events.

Parent Advisory meeting minutes notes

October 1st, 2017


Ramona Stately