May 14, 2015

Planning for the move to new grade spans continues to advance on time and within budget. As the school year winds down, the focus is now on logistics to help ensure smooth movement of staff and materials/equipment over the summer.

The Logistics Team is working with designated contacts at each school to ensure that employee questions are answered and that employees are well informed about the packing and moving of curriculum and staff. Upcoming work will involve implementing the plan for moving curriculum, staff materials and equipment.

Two Middle Level Design Team task forces have been working to identify any changes needed to middle level report cards and middle level conferences. The full Middle Level Design Team will resume meeting next fall, with a focus on reviewing middle school implementation and planning for 2016-2017.

The High School Programming Team will resume meeting in August 2015, with a focus on developing a vision for high school programming that includes implementation of the World’s Best Workforce goals.

Facilities construction is on time and within budget at all three high schools.

From the Human Resources Team: the Education Support Professional transfer process began April 29 and communication was sent to all teachers in early May regarding the second round of voluntary transfer.

The Technology Team is completing the work of adding, changing and deleting courses for next year and preparing for the annual promotion of students to the next grade level.