December 12, 2014

Planning for the transition to new grade spans continues to advance on time and on budget. Key areas of work include:

Middle Level Design

The Middle Level Design team continues its work to design all aspects of the middle level program.

The middle level design team is considering offerings that will be provided for exploratory/elective courses. Current 7th and 8th grade course offerings along with other options are being considered. A recommendation will be provided to administration in January 2015. 

A team of current S+ teachers, curriculum team members and administrators are considering how to address the unique needs of gifted and talented students in the middle school model. A recommendation will be made to administration by the end of January 2015.

The team has recommended that each middle school offer a modified eight-period day that allows for two exploratory/elective classes with flexibility within the six remaining periods to offer four core classes plus advisory and lunch.

Future Planning
Next steps for the Middle Level Design Team include providing course information for 2015-2016 registration, revising middle level report cards for 2015-16, developing the advisory curriculum and identifying additional materials that will be needed for grades 6-8.

High School Program

The High School Program team’s recommendations revolve around three key areas: curriculum, scheduling and transition activities.

Electives: 9th grade students can take any elective course for which they qualify.

Math: No changes to the high school mathematics sequence.

Social Studies: High schools will offer HP US History 9 and AP Human Geography.

Science: Maple Grove and Park Center will offer the traditional course sequence of Physical Science (gr 9); Biology (gr 10); Chemistry and/or Physics (gr 11-12). Osseo Senior High will offer a dual 9th grade track next year: Physical Science 9 and Physics 9. Either track will lead to Chemistry (gr 10), Biology (gr 11) and several possible electives (gr 12).

Park Center is considering a move to a 7-period modified block schedule; Maple Grove will maintain a 6-period modified block schedule; Osseo is exploring options for its daily schedule. All three high schools will offer four lunch periods.

Transition activities
High schools are planning open house activities for families and students (dates TBD). Counselors will meet with 8th and 9th graders at feeder junior high schools in January, in preparation for January/February registration conferences. Incoming 9th and 10th graders are being provided Activity Cards, providing the student and parents/guardians free admission to three winter sport activities at their respective high school.

Future planning
Following registration conferences, course tallies will be used to determine which courses will be offered at each high school.

High School Facilities

Kickoff preconstruction meetings are being held at each high school to prepare for construction of additions and interior alterations. Construction is expected to begin shortly. The early work at Park Center will focus on the building addition; early work at Maple Grove will focus on the gym; early work at Osseo will focus on the building addition on the northeast side.

Human Resources Staffing

A Labor Management Committee has agreed to a framework for teacher transfer for licensed teacher specialists (music, psychologists, counselors, etc.) The teacher transfer process has been designed to take place in tiers in order to promote the greatest possible range of transfer opportunities for teachers at all levels.


The Technology Project Team is continuing its work to identify data systems that will need to be adjusted to reflect the new grade spans.


A logistics team has convened to plan for all aspects of the moves of people and materials that will take place over the summer.