October 19, 2015

During the 2015-16 school year, the grade span project teams and steering committee will monitor, adjust and evaluate the updated project management plan. In particular, staff will focus on three key areas under new priority work approved by the school board for 2015-2016:

 “The new grade spans have been implemented with a plan to monitor and adjust in the following program areas:  middle school, out-of-school time, and high school.”

High School Facilities Construction Team

Projected high school facilities project costs remain within budget. All high school learning spaces were ready by the time school started, with the exception of the Maple Grove Senior High gym extension. The projected date for occupancy for the MGSH gym extension is October 31. The wrestling room and new locker room are occupied/being used.

Temporary handrails are still in use at all three high schools because the aluminum handrails that had been ordered did not meet the district’s quality specifications. The handrails were returned and new handrails were ordered from another vendor.  Installation of permanent handrails is expected by late November/early December.

The accent panels for the outside of the gym extension at MGSH have been delayed because the product was misrouted to another state. District staff is working with the vendor to confirm delivery and the installation timeline.

Punch lists are being completed and staff is continuing to work through the mechanical commissioning process. The construction portion of the project should be completed by December.

Middle School Design Team

The Middle Level Design Team will focus this year on monitoring and adjusting the implementation of the Middle School Model at all middle school sites. The team will explore adjustments that may be needed in the following areas:

  • exploratory (elective) courses for SY15-16 and beyond;
  • implementation of the gifted education cluster model; and
  • advisory.

Meetings are scheduled through May 2016 and a timeline for decision-making has been established.

The first component of middle school design work will be the selection of a new progression of electives and exploratory courses for middle school students to begin the 2016-2017 school year. This progression of electives will need to be determined prior to Winter Break, as the staffing process will inevitably begin in early January. This information will also need to be communicated to students and families, as middle school counselors begin their elementary site visits in late January/early February.

At a recent design team meeting, representatives from the Bloomington Public Schools, Anoka-Hennepin Schools and Elk River School District provided a “Panel of Experts” and answered questions from our team.  On October 26th, the Middle Level Design Team will reconvene and begin to work in school-specific groups to design options for elective progressions. 

High School Programming Project Team

The focus of this team this year will be on college and career readiness, credit accumulation and experiential learning programming. The team will also research best practices for supporting 9th grade students during their first year in high school. The basic question that the team will seek to answer is “What do we want the high school experience to be for our students?”

Out-of-School Time Project Team

This project team will begin meeting in November. The fall has been on implementing Targeted Services and 21st Century programming at North View and Brooklyn Middle, and “The SPOT” (similar to Kidstop) at Osseo Middle and Maple Grove Middle.

Human Resources Project Team

A labor management committee will evaluate the teacher transfer process and make recommendations for the upcoming staffing season. The project team will close out its work in November and will then disband.

Logistics Project Team

The logistics project team is evaluating the communication and processes used to manage the logistics of the grade span change. The team began by providing individual assessments on the deliverables outlined in the logistics timeline. Site logistics contacts will provide feedback and identify potential improvements for the future. The team will close out its work in November and will then disband.

Technology Project Team

The technology project team is evaluating its timeline and communication plan.  The team will close out its work in November and will then disband.