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In Osseo Area Schools, we know kindergarten is an important step in your child’s life. Our student-centered program is taught by experienced staff who love children and are dedicated to helping your child succeed in school. To be eligible to enroll in kindergarten, students must be five years of age on Sept.1 of the school year for which admission is requested. If your child does not meet the age requirements for kindergarten, you may wish to consider enrolling in a preschool or prekindergarten program.

In the winter of every year, the school district sends a brochure to families of children who are eligible to enroll in kindergarten the following year. If you have not received a brochure by Oct. 1, you might not be in our school district census. Please call 763.391.7056 to request that a census form be mailed to you to ensure that you receive future communications. 


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Early entrance to kindergarten 

Some students may qualify for early entrance to kindergarten based on successful completion of a comprehensive assessment process. In order to participate in the early entrance assessment process, students must turn five years of age from Sept. 2 through Nov. 1 of the school year for which admission is requested.

For more information, contact the Enrollment Center, 763.585.7350.