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Osseo Area Schools provides students with access to district technology resources for educational purposes. To qualify for this privilege, students must adhere to all district policies, including but not limited to: Technology and Internet Acceptable Use by Students (Policy 524), Bullying Prohibition (Policy 514), and Student Discipline (Policy 506).  Students must also follow the guidelines contained in the DL4A 1:1 Device Handbook and the School Handbook for the school in which the student is enrolled. Failure to comply with school district policies, the DL4A 1:1 Device Handbook, or the School Handbook may result in restrictions being placed on these resources, either in functionality or access.

Although the iPad is issued to a student, the iPad is and remains the property of Osseo Area Schools. The iPad may be reviewed by District personnel, or have access revoked at any time. The student should have NO expectation of privacy regarding content on the iPad. The iPad is specifically assigned to a student and can only be activated with a valid District 279 username and password.

For the 2017–2018 school year we are offering families an option to participate in the iPad Protection Plan, which can provide significant savings for damaged or lost iPads. Open enrollment for this plan will be from August 17, 2017 –  October 27, 2017 for students who are enrolled in the district on September 5, 2017.  Students who enroll in the district after September 5, 2017 will have until October 27, 2017 or 30 days from the date they enrolled as students, whichever is greater, to sign up for the iPad Protection Plan. Families who do not sign up for the protection plan by the stated deadline, will automatically decline coverage and will be responsible for all charges for damage or loss. Any outstanding fees in relation to the iPad will result in the iPad being held in the media center until a minimum payment is made and a payment plan is set up, or the fee is paid in full.

Certain situations dictate how the device is covered:


NOT Covered:

  • One incident of accidental damage, not including replacement of the device due to damage beyond repair, at no charge.
  • 70% of the cost for the full-replacement of the device, if required due to damage beyond repair.
  • 70% of the cost for the replacement of the device, if required due to theft.
  • 50% of the cost for the replacement of the device, if required due to loss.
  • Damage to the case, cable, or charger.
  • Loss of the case, cable, or charger.
  • Intentional or reckless damage.
  • Damage that occurs when the iPad is out of the district-issued case.
  • Tampering of the operating system.
  • Any damage beyond the second incident.
  • Spare iPads.


Students should not attempt to fix or repair hardware issues on the device.

How much does it cost for the protection plan?

The iPad Protection Plan cost is an optional, annual, non-refundable $20/year per student, prorated by free/reduced lunch status. The Plan covers one incident only for one school year.

Common repair costs include:

Broken Screen


Bent Frame


Home Button Damage


Using the Protection Plan

Please report all damaged or missing iPads to the School Media Center within one (1) school day of the incident, unless the incident occurs over a school break then it should be made when a student returns from break. This includes cracked screens, even if the device is still usable. The Media Center staff will begin the process of submitting a request to use your protection plan to cover the costs of the incident to the District Office.

When the protection plan is used to pay for a repair or replacement, that protection plan ends. Another $20 protection plan, not prorated by free/reduced lunch status, can be purchased within 30 days of receiving the repaired or replacement device and before the repaired device or replacement is damaged or missing. All protection plans only cover the school year in which the protection plan is purchased (through June 30, 2018). Two plans per students may be purchased during a school year.

Spares will be provided to a student on a per case basis as determined by the school. Students who have tampered with, or intentionally or recklessly damaged the iPad will not be issued a spare. Spare devices are not covered by the terms of this protection plan.

Students who have used two protection plans within the coverage period (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018) will be responsible for the full amount to repair or replace the iPad and all accessories for all subsequent incidents.

If a device is damaged to the extent that it cannot be repaired (as determined by the repair vendor), and requires the replacement of the entire device, the protection plan coverage will cover 70% of the total cost of the replacement. The student and parent/guardian will be responsible for the remaining 30%.

In the event of theft (home invasion, car break-in, or other criminal acts) a student must supply a police report from the city in which the device was taken. The protection plan will cover 70% of the total cost of the replacement and the student and parent/guardian will be responsible for the remaining 30%.

In the event of loss due to negligence, including unlocked or unattended devices, the protection plan will cover 50% of the total cost of the replacement. The student and parent/guardian will be responsible for the remaining 50%.

In the event the iPad is tampered with, damaged intentionally or recklessly, even if the protection plan was purchased, it will be the school’s discretion to decide whether or not the student will be charged 100% of the cost to replace or repair the damaged device.

Collection of Student iPads

Upon termination of enrollment at Osseo Area Schools, a student must return the iPad and Accessories to the media center. If the items are not returned the student and his/her parent/guardian will be billed the replacement cost. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in action being taken by a collection agency.
All iPads will be returned at the end of the school year and go through a full inspection. If a student fails to return the iPad and accessories (STM Case, Apple cord, and Apple charging block) they will be assessed a $514 fee. The fee can be reversed following the return of the iPad to the school, and iPad passing the inspection/processing by the District iPad Team.

All families are encouraged to use the FeePay system to complete the optional iPad Protection Plan forms electronically. There are no additional credit card processing fees for FeePay transactions.

How to complete the iPad Agreement and Protection Plan in FeePay.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Choose your high school; if your student is in elementary or middle school, choose the high school your student plans to attend.
  3. Login with your email address and password, or create a new account.
  4. Click activities on the top menu bar.
  5. Search for iPad Protection Plan (Accept) or iPad Protection Plan (Decline) – if you have 3 or more students in grades 4-12, please complete the family max form so we can apply the family maximum fee cap.
  6. Click Add to Cart
  7. Review the protection plan, enter required information, and click submit when ready to proceed. Repeat for all students.
  8. Click Checkout.
  9. Enter your payment method and click Process Payment.

The Full iPad Agreement and Protection Plan may be found below: