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New for 2017–2018 all students will be required to sign the iPad Student Agreement electronically. This will be done as part of the deployment process.

Osseo Area Schools provides students with access to district technology resources for educational purposes. To qualify for this privilege, students must adhere to all district policies, including but not limited to: Technology and Internet Acceptable Use by Students (Policy 524), Bullying Prohibition (Policy 514), and Student Discipline (Policy 506).  Students must also follow the guidelines contained in the DL4A 1:1 Device Handbook and the School Handbook for the school in which the student is enrolled. Failure to comply with school district policies, the DL4A 1:1 Device Handbook, or the School Handbook may result in restrictions being placed on these resources, either in functionality or access.

This agreement is designed to help you, as a student and family,  understand the expectations surrounding your use of the District’s technology resources, commonly referred to as “iPad” or device. By signing this agreement, you agree to be responsible, engaged, productive, and safe with the issued iPad.

Be Responsible

  • I will keep the iPad in the district-issued case at all times to protect the iPad from damage.
  • I will take care in placing and/or transporting the iPad in a school bag, backpack, or locker.
  • I will keep the iPad away from food, beverages, and other liquids.
  • I will report damage to the iPad, or if it is missing to the Media Center within one (1) school day.
  • I will refrain from tampering with the iPad.
  • I will avoid lending my iPad, USB cord, and/or charging block to friends/family members.
  • I will clean the iPad with a soft, lint-free cloth. I will not use liquid, cleaners, or household cleaning products.

Be Engaged

  • I will use the camera and microphone to take appropriate pictures, videos, and audio recordings.
  • I will use headphones only when directed.
  • I will use the iPad to access, submit, post, publish, or display material that is legal, true, non-threatening, free of racially offensive content, and does not hurt someone’s reputation.

Be Productive

  • I will bring the iPad to school with a fully-charged battery.
  • I will only use apps or websites as directed by my teacher or parent/guardian as required for assignments.
  • I will always have enough memory on my iPad to download, access, and create content required by my teachers. I understand that if the iPad is full I may need to delete content on the iPad.
  • I will use the iPad to do my own work and avoid plagiarism by giving credit to sources.

Be Safe

  • I will keep the iPad away from public view when at the bus stop, on a Metro Transit bus, light rail, or other public transportation.
  • I will never leave the iPad unattended while in school; this includes while charging.
  • I will keep my passcode private, in order to prevent unauthorized access to the device and its contents. This includes not allowing friends/family to use the iPad.

Although the iPad is issued to a student, the iPad is and remains the property of Osseo Area Schools. The iPad may be reviewed by District personnel, or have access revoked at any time. The student should have NO expectation of privacy regarding content on the iPad. The iPad is specifically assigned to a student and can only be activated with a valid District 279 username and password.

Collection of Student iPads

Upon termination of enrollment at Osseo Area Schools, a student must return the iPad and Accessories to the media center. If the items are not returned the student and his/her parent/guardian will be billed the replacement cost. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in action being taken by a collection agency.

All iPads will be returned at the end of the school year and go through a full inspection. If a student fails to return the iPad and accessories (STM Case, Apple cord, and Apple charging block) they will be assessed a $514 fee. The fee can be reversed following the return of the iPad to the school, and iPad passing the inspection/processing by the District iPad Team.