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The iPads students will receive are the property of Osseo Area Schools and are intended for educational use that supports the learning environment.

Receiving and Returning an iPad

iPads will be distributed to students at school on a date selected by the school. Families have the option to purchase an iPad Protection Plan through October 27, 2017 or within 30 days of enrollment. Families can complete the iPad Protection Plan online through FeePay.

The following equipment will be distributed to each student receiving an iPad:

  • iPad Air with 16GB of storage
  • charging cord
  • charging brick
  • STM case, the iPad must remain in the case at all times.

Students will return  the assigned iPad on the day selected by the school at the end of school each school year. Returning students will have the same iPad and case assigned to them the following year. If a student misses the collection day, the device must be returned before the last day of school.

Students who graduate early, withdraw, are suspended or expelled, or who terminate enrollment in Osseo Area Schools for any other reason must return their school iPad, charging cord, charging brick, and case to the office at their school on or before the date of withdrawal.

If a student fails to return the iPad and/or accessories at the end of the school year or upon withdrawal from Osseo Area Schools, that student and his or her parent or guardian will be responsible for the replacement cost. Failure to return the iPad or pay the replacement cost ($514) will result in possible collections or a theft report filed with the local police department which may lead to criminal prosecution.