edinbrook students with safety pledgesFirst Student's Safety Dog Bus Tour rolled into Edinbrook Elementary on Sept. 17. Throughout the morning, students in kindergarten, first and second grade had the opportunity to learn about bus safety, sign a safety pledge, contribute to a banner to show appreciation for bus drivers, and meet Safety Dog. View photos on the district's Facebook page.

After departing Edinbrook, the Safety Dog Bus Tour was en route to Wichita, Kansas, and will visit several other states including Texas, New Hampshire, Alaska and Pennsylvania this year.

district logoOsseo Area Schools is engaged in a comprehensive facilities planning approach that incorporates multiple areas into one overall facilities planning process.

Research teams will identify elementary and secondary school needs, along with needs related to student activities and athletic facilities.

Four advisory committees will create observations and recommendations out of discussions in their respective groups: enrollment and capacity (ECMAC), instructional programs (DPAC), safety and security (REMAC), and student activities (APAC).

All of the research team and advisory committee work will be shared with the school board at a January 14, 2020, work session. The board will use that information to provide direction to a district-level Oversight Task Force that will review findings, identify funding options, and develop recommendations for consideration by Supt. Cory McIntyre. Proposed facility recommendations will then be shared with the school board and taken out for public feedback. If revisions are needed, the recommendations will be taken back to the school board and again out for public feedback.

The board will consider taking action on recommendations in June of 2020.