Staff and students at Woodland Elementary recently celebrated Unity Day, PACER'S Anti-Bullying Day. In addition to encouraging everyone to wear orange in recognition of anti-bullying, teachers integrated anti-bullying messages into their lessons and students participated in a school wide art project. Students cut out orange handprints and wrote down ideas of how to show kindness and ways to stand up against bullying. These handprints will be displayed to spell out the phrase, “Hand ‘n hand, we SOAR!” SOAR is Woodland’s character-building program, which stands for:

  • Safety
  • Own your actions
  • Act with leadership
  • Resourceful

The day ended with speaker Jake Ross, an 8th grader who shared a little bit about his personal experiences. He is a statewide advocate who lobbied for the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act that was passed in 2014. 

wd unityday

-Published Oct. 21, 2015

wd unity day jake ross

A professional survey research firm, Morris Leatherman, is conducting a survey on behalf of the school district to help the district learn more about school choice decisions.

The school choice survey is grounded in the work of the Enrollment and Capacity Management Task Force, which raised two key questions in its meetings last spring:

  • Why do families choose charter or other public school districts?
  • Why do families choose to enroll in Osseo Area Schools?

The survey is being administered by telephone to a random sample of the following groups:

1) Students enrolled in Osseo Area Schools, including:

  • Students attending their assigned attendance area school
  • Students who exercise school choice and are attending a magnet school or made an in-district transfer
  • Students from other school districts who open enrolled to Osseo

2) Resident students who chose to attend another public option

  • Students attending a charter school
  • Students attending another public school district through open enrollment

The survey was launched in mid-October and will continue into November. If you receive a call with a request to participate, please know that it is a legitimate request and that your perspectives (which will be kept confidential by the research firm) will help us improve!

--posted October 14, 2015