On April 7, the Osseo Area Schools School Board approved a bond refinancing plan that will save local property taxpayers more than $5 million in interest costs over the next five years. The savings (slightly more than $1 million per year) are related to debt service on building bonds that voters approved in a 2002 bond referendum.

By refinancing debt at a lower rate, the school board has saved local taxpayers more than $16 million in interest costs over the life of the bonds.

-April 2015

The Osseo Junior High Math Team participated in the St. Cloud State University Math Contest on April 9 with five individual top 20 finishes and two top five finishes in team competition.

  • In 7th grade: Jordan Chacko came in 1st place, Zach Majorowicz came in 2nd place, and Lindy Oujiri came in 86th place out of 536 students. In team competition, Jordan, Zach, and Lindy came in 2nd out of 27 schools.
  • In 8th grade: Nick Im came in 54th place and Nicole Campbell came in 82nd place out of 748 students. In team competition, Nick Im, Nicole Campbell, and Josh Do came in 21 out of 30 schools.
  • In 9th grade: J. P. Lyon came in 4th place, David Nguyen came in 14th place, Bryce Ferrin came in 19th place, Chris Heck came in 54th place, Michael Ly came in 66th place, and Alex Majorowicz came in 79th place out of 213 students. In team competition, J.P., David, and Bryce came in 4th place out of 21 schools.
  • -April 2015