mgsh linkIn order to help ease the transition to high school for more than 1,000 underclassmen at their respective high schools, approximately 80 Park Center upperclassmen and more than 120 Maple Grove upperclassmen dedicated several hours this summer to leadership training for Link Crew.

In years past, Park Center and Maple Grove Senior Highs implemented the Link Crew program to welcome new sophomores to high school. This year, with the addition of ninth grade to the high schools, half the student body coming into each school will be brand new, making the role of Link Crew leaders especially important in helping to continue cultivating their respective school’s culture, identified at Maple Grove as the Crimson Way and as Pirate Pride at Park Center.

Link Crew student leaders will welcome more than 1,000 new students to pcsh link creweach high school by connecting with a small group of designated students, assisting in activities at orientation and during advisory periods throughout the year. Studies show that if students have a positive experience in the first year of high school, their overall high school success increases dramatically. Link Crew provides new students with a link to other students who have “been there” and can connect with the challenges that are unique to transitioning to high school. It also provides upperclassmen with an opportunity to develop leadership skills while contributing to their school community in a positive way. Link Crew is a program that has been used by high schools throughout the world for more than two decades.

-August 25, 2015