School Board Chair Robert Gerhart resigned from the Osseo School Board on Friday, March 2.

In his letter of resignation to the school board and Supt. Maguire, Gerhart said, “Over the last week and a half, my unsolicited statement at the Feb. 20 board meeting has obviously led to a great deal of blowback. I expected some, but not what we (both individually and organizationally) have seen. …. As such, I am resigning my position on the Board of Independent School District 279 - Osseo Area Schools, effective immediately. I do this without resentment or malice, and for the greater good of the organization.”

In a message informing staff of Mr. Gerhart’s resignation, Supt. Kate Maguire said, “Over the next few days and weeks, I will work with school board members and cabinet members to determine how best to support the school board as it moves forward.  The board’s work (including the search for a new superintendent) will continue, and I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition of leadership before I leave at the end of June.  I promise to keep you informed along the way. ….  I also want you to know that I’m counting on you to stay focused on what you do best – teaching and supporting our nearly 21,000 students who are counting on us to finish strong!”

School board members will now proceed to determine a process for filling the vacant seat and for identifying a new chairperson. Until a new chair has been named, Vice Chair Mike Ostaffe will assume chairperson responsibilities.