Osseo Area Schools student performance on state tests stayed true to trend, according to data released by the Minnesota Department of Education on July 30.

For a number of years, the trend has shown that Osseo students in lower grades demonstrate less mastery of reading and math on state tests than their statewide peers. By the time students move into secondary school, however, their scores tend to catch up or exceed statewide averages.

District staff attribute the gap-closing improvements to the focused work by teachers to help all students achieve at higher levels and to accelerate the progress of students who enter the district academically far behind their peers.

Several student groups made greater than average gains:

  • Reading and math: Asian, English learners and grade 8 students
  • Math: grade 5
  • Reading: grades 6-8, low income, and female students

Overall proficiency levels in math and reading remained relatively unchanged from last year.

Four of the five reported racial groups have proficiency rates above state averages, the exception being Asian students. 

The MCAs are one of the ways the state measures student achievement. In September, the state will release additional indicators that show how schools are doing to accelerate student growth, close the achievement gap on all measures, and improve graduation rates.

The new World’s Best Workforce legislation supports continued progress in those areas, along with ensuring that students are well prepared for kindergarten; read at grade level by grade three; and are college/career ready. The school district and all schools use test results and other data to develop continuous improvement plans.


--Published July 30, 2015