The purpose of the Enrollment and Capacity Management Task Force was to involve parents, staff and community members in the district’s efforts to improve planning for enrollment and building use (capacity management).

The Task Force studied data related to enrollment and capacity management (e.g., student enrollment and demographic trends, school choice data, and building use); considered implications and identified problems to be solved; and developed a comprehensive, long-range planning process and tool presented to the Superintendent. The planning tool will be used to improve future planning and make it more transparent.

Task Force Members

Materials for Meeting #1: February 9, 2015

Osseo Area Schools Strategic Plan
Presentation: Project Background
Task Force Charge
February-May 2015 Overview of Meeting Topics

Materials for Meeting #2: March 9, 2015

Notes from February 9 meeting
Task Force meeting protocols (approved March 9)
ISD 279 building abbreviations
Enrollment by school/grade (as of March 2, 2015)
Enrollment by school compared to projection (as of March 2, 2015)
Five-year enrollment projections (draft presented to School Board December 2014)
Enrollment by ethnicity and gender (as of March 2, 2015)
Enrollment by school, grade, and ethnicity (as of March 20, 2015
High needs report 2013-2014

Materials for Meeting #3: March 23, 2015

Notes from March 9 meeting
Task Force meeting protocols (approved March 9, 2015)
History of past and present schools
Definitions and clarifications for Elementary/Secondary High Need Criteria document distributed on March 9 

Materials for Meeting #4: April 6, 2015

Notes from March 23 meeting
Visual Timeline of Task Force work
Questions surfaced to date
Demographic Data: Osseo and Minnesota
MCA Reading and Math: Osseo and Minnesota
MCA Reading Growth and Gap Closing by School for Free/Reduced Lunch sub-group
Preparing the World's Best Workforce: Improving On-Time Graduation Rates
Elementary Attendance Areas Map
Middle School Attendance Areas Map 
Senior High Attendance Areas Map
In-District Movement by School
Excerpt from Dec 2014 Enrollment Presentation to School Board

Materials for Meeting #5: April 20, 2015

Notes from April 6 meeting
Enrollment Presentation
Minn Stat §124D.03
Minn Stat §124D.08
Other enrollment-related state statutes
1928 Attorney General Opinion
School Board Policy 558
School Board Procedure 558
Resident Transfer Application
Non-Resident Transfer Application
Magnet Non-Member District Transfer Application
MARSS Manual Appendix K

Materials for Meeting #6: May 11, 2015

Notes from April 20 meeting
Framework Example: Long-Range Financial Planning Model
Questions Surfaced to Date 

Materials for Meeting #7: September 28, 2015

School Path Maps: Elementary to Middle School   Middle School to Senior High
Current Cyclical Process for Enrollment and Capacity Planning
Board-Approved Priority Work for 2015-2016
Focused Conversation Method
Overview of Meeting Topics, September 2015-February 2016

Materials for Meeting #8: October 12, 2015

Notes from September 28 meeting
Enrollment Methodologies:  University of Virginia    Madison Metropolitan School District

Materials for Meeting #9: October 26, 2015

Notes from October 12 meeting
DRAFT enrollment projection process
DRAFT capacity determination process
DRAFT guiding principles for the enrollment and capacity management framework

Materials for Meeting #10: November 9, 2015

Notes from October 26 meeting
Sample scenario: New grade spans

Materials for Meeting #11: December 14, 2015

Notes from November 9 meeting
Lottery Process

Materials for Meeting #12: January 11, 2016

Notes from December 14 meeting
Guiding Principles
Scenario Thinking Template

Materials for Meeting #13: January 25, 2016

Notes from January 11 meeting
Draft framework created by subcommittee

Materials for Meeting #14: February 8, 2016

Notes from January 25 meeting
Revised draft framework created by subcommittee
Basic approach to recruitment and retention of students

Materials for Meeting #15: February 22, 2016

Final framework