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Do you have a passion for teaching, and an expertise in a given subject area?  Perhaps you have a desire to contribute to community and support others as they engage in a lifetime of learning!  If so, become an instructor.  Browse our classes to see what is current and popular.  Adult classes occur in three seasons, fall, winter and spring.  Classes are scheduled to match with community needs, our district calendar and your availability.  Youth classes occur year round!  Sessions start immediately after school, occur in the evening, on weekends with half and full day summer camps.




Interested in teaching adults?  To submit a proposal,complete the AE class proposal form  and send to! Or call Melissa at 763-391-7117

Interested in teaching youth?  To submit a proposal, complete the YE Class proposal form and send to!  Or call Sarah at 763-391-7122.


Engage the community in your offerings and join in the conversation!

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Class planning

Classes are offered seasonally.

Fall – October, November, December (adult/youth)

Winter/Spring – February, March, April, May (adult/youth)

Summer - June, July, August (youth only)

Most adult classes occur Monday - Thursday evenings between 6-10 pm and on Saturdays.

Adult classes are housed in our secondary buildings and our Educational Service Center.  Youth classes are in elementary schools primarily.


Proposals deadlines - Watch your email for a Call for Proposals!

Fall class proposals are due no later than mid-May

Winter/Spring class proposals are due no later than mid-October

Summer class proposals are due no later than mid-December (youth only)

Watch your email for call for proposals each season (winter and spring proposals are both due in December).  This email will provide all paperwork, links, instructions and final deadlines.


Current Instructors - handbooks and teaching information