A 1-to-1 (one-to-one) technology program is one in which each participating student has a device assigned to him/her. The Osseo Area Schools iPad Program is a 1-to-1 program because we are providing each student in selected grades with an iPad.

One-to-one programs help personalize teaching and learning. When students have access to their own portable electronic device in a wireless school environment, they are able to access information and engage in learning in new ways. Teachers are able to personalize learning more readily than ever before, and students can use online collaboration tools for work in and out of school.  

Who else is doing 1-to-1 digital learning programs?

Schools all around the country have implemented 1-to-1 digital learning programs, some using laptops and others using iPads. Teachers and administrators from Osseo visited several school districts in Minnesota to learn about their work and studied the digital learning programs of other districts elsewhere in the nation.  

Minnetonka Public Schools

Farmington Area Public Schools

Spring Lake Park Schools

Becker Public Schools