What is Targeted Services?

The mission of targeted services is as an intervention/prevention to assist students to be successful and to remain in the traditional school. Traditional learning techniques employed during the school day are not working so a targeted services class and/or program provides a variety of alternative learning techniques and experiences for the students.

Who qualifies to participate?

A student needs to be referred into the program and qualify under the state identified criteria that best matches the student’s needs. Examples would be: performs below the performance level for students of the same age in a locally determined achievement test or is behind in completing coursework or social –emotional learning needs.

How do we track the progress of the student?

A continual learning plan will be developed for each student in the program that addresses the student/parent goals for the success of the student. Different assessments will be used to determine if the goals are met such as test scores, report cards, observations, or attendance.

When does programming occur?

Programming occurs outside of the school day. Days of the week, time of day, and length of the sessions will vary by school site. School year programs will take place at the student’s assigned school and summer program locations vary each summer.

What are the next steps to get the student involved?

  1. Contact your school to see if they have a Targeted Services Program (not all schools offer Targeted Services programming)
  2. Talk to the staff to see if your student qualifies for the program
  3. If there is a Targeted Services Program and your child qualifies then a registration form and Continual Learning Plan will need to be completed by a staff member and a parent/guardian.